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Virus Removal Tools

More often you can face different type of problem in your windows even after using best Antivirus also, it might be due to some unwanted system restrictions and registry entry.

Common behavior of a virus is to make some changes to the system restrictions in order to hide itself from easy detection, these restrictions are most often:
· 1. Disable Folder Options > so the user can't set the option to show hidden files!
   2. Disable Registry Tools > so the user can't see what is going on during system startup!
· 3. Disable Ctrl+Alt+Del > so the user can't see the virus and the other applications running

So we are going to provide some restriction removal tools here. Download from the links given below and follow the instructions while installing and using the software

RRT Sergiwa Antiviral Toolkit

RRT Sergiwa Antiviral Toolkit Personal is a set of handy tools that scans, remove and re-enables all what a virus had previously disabled (System Restrictions) and gives you back the control over your own computer.